Qualified certificates

Disig, a. s. operates certification authorities CA Disig, which provides qualified trust services of issuing qualified certificates (QC) in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation and the national law.

Qualified trust services of qualified certificate (QC) issuing include services related to the creation and verification of:

  • Qualified certificates for electronic signature,
  • Qualified certificates for electronic signature in form of mandate certificates
  • Qualified certificates for electronic seals,
  • Qualified certificates for website autentification (TLS/SSL certicate),

and related services such as certificate revocation, certificate revocation lists (CRL), confirming the existence and validity of QC, retrieving and providing issued QC.

General Terms and Conditions for Providing and Using a Trusted Service by Disig, a.s. and policies relating to the provision of qualified trust services of creation and verification of qualified certificates are available in Policies and documents.